RASI 700

All this in the palm on your hand, a true 8 gases combustion/emission analyser with CO2 % /CH4 % NDIR

RASI 700 is the smallest hand held emision/combustion analyser capable to install up to 7 messurements cells simultanously. It’s has been deisgned and devolpoed to meet increasing demand of combustion and emission analysys in hard to reach location such as stacks and industril Flue. We have brought emision analisys to the palm of your hand

Measurement Functions

  • Standard configuration fitted with 02 cell
  • additional 7 toxis cells can be installed at teh same for measurment of CO, LowCo, NO, Low NO, N02, SO2, H2S, and CO2%/CH4% using NDIR infrared technology
  • Mesure Temperature and differential Temperature
  • Measure Pressure, draft and differential pressure
  • Measure Flow Gas Velocity and total mass calculation
  • Calculate all combustion paramters suh as, C02%, Efficiencies readings, Lamba, Excess Air and CO/CO2 Ratio